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Charles W. Howard
Established 1937

Can my spouse/guest attend class?
All events and classes are for registered students only. However, if your spouse pre-paid at registration, they are welcome to attend the Friday Afternoon Adventures and/or the Saturday Graduation Banquet as an additional guest.  

What do I need to bring to class?
Students need to wear the official school Santa pendant and name tag for admittance to all school activities. Students and pre-registered guests attending the Friday Afternoon Adventures and/or Saturday Graduation Banquet will have a special badge. We will have everything you need for class.

Do I need to bring my suit or beard?
No suits, beards, and/or accessories will be needed. There will be vendors for you to explore if you are looking for a Santa suit, beard, or wig.  This Santa School is about learning how to BE Santa.  We believe in the magic of only one Santa and do not encourage groups of Santa being dressed in their suits together.

Is it best to have a real beard?
Not really. The school will give you ways and ideas to have a real beard that you put on and magically change into the most well-known character in the world, Santa Claus. Our wig master can show you the way. These hairpieces are the best and very real.  See the photo of a 30 year-old Santa.

What is the expected dress for Santa School?
Dress for Santa School is casual during class but we ask that you wear Sunday clothes for the Graduation Banquet on Saturday evening.

What is the cost of attending the CWH Santa Claus School?
You can find information about the current tuition on the School & Classes page.  The tuition has remained the same for the past few years.

Are meals included?
This year we are including four meals for registered students; lunch Thursday, lunch Friday, dinner Friday, and dinner Saturday.  Students are responsible for all other meals. We will have cookies, beverages, and treats scattered throughout the weekend!

Is transportation included?
Students are responsible for all transportation.  We will provide transportation on Friday from 11:00 am until 10:00 pm for the Friday Afternoon Adventures, which includes the Polar Express train ride.

What are the Santa School class hours? 
We begin Santa School at 8am daily and finish class work by 5:00pm.  There are evening activities planned that run until 9 or 10pm (these include the Friday Afternoon Adventures and Graduation Banquet on Friday and Saturday evenings.)

Can I record or film during Santa School? 
Please refrain from taking photos during class out of respect for the speakers. Please refrain from taking videos. Recording activities and lectures is not permitted during school; this includes cell phones. There will be school photographers and media there to capture special times. We do not endorse a collection of student names in any way. The CWH Santa Claus School will not release or collect distribution lists for privacy reasons. We ask that all students follow these guidelines.

Will the Santa House be open during school?
Yes! We will have an Open House at the Midland Santa House for registered students and their guests. Come and go as you please.

Frequently Asked Questions