Santa Claus School
A Non-Profit Organization

Charles W. Howard
Established 1937
"He errs who thinks Santa enters through the chimney. Santa enters through the heart."                                                                                                Charles W. Howard, 1937
The Charles W. Howard Santa Claus School, is a non-profit organization, established in 1937. It is the longest continuously running Santa Claus School in the world. Thomas Valent is the present Dean of the internationally recognized Santa School.

The mission of the school is to uphold the traditions and preserve the history of Santa Claus; to provide our students with the necessary resources that allow them to further define and improve their individual presentations of Santa Claus.

​In 1995, Tom and Holly Valent conducted the first World Santa School in Illulisatt, Greenland. The participating countries included: Germany, Ireland, England, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Canada, Spain, Australia, Greenland. South Africa, Switzerland, as well as the United States.  

This Santa School has been taught in Australia, Greenland, and England. Tom and Holly Valent have participated in the week-long St. Nicholas festivities in Zurich, Switzerland, Oslo, Norway and Stockholm Sweden. Visit our news & photo gallery for more pictures.