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Charles W. Howard
Established 1937
The CWH Santa Claus School has been recognized around the world.  Below are a few of our published news releases.
"The Harvard of Santa Schools."
-Bill Geist, CBS News
CWH Santa Claus School News Releases
             Midland's Santa Claus School Celebrates 81 years and MACF award
             Ken Jeong Cracks Christmas​
             Charles W. Howard Santa Claus School continues into 81st year​
               Michigan’s Santa School attracts hundreds of Santas from around the world
​             I Went To Santa School To Become A Professional Mrs. Claus
             Should crying children sit on Santa's lap for photos?  Here's why some parents are                   saying no.

             Santa School is in session
  •   The Harvard of Santa Schools
             Santas receive jolly education in Midland​
             Santa Claus School in Session with Christmas Coming Soon

            The art of becoming Santa
            Here Comes Santa Claus - and He's Going to School
             Watch What Happens When We Send Daym Drops to Santa School​
              Come diventare un buon Babbo Natale: nel Michigan la Santa Claus School

            Santa Claus School is the trick to being like St. Nick
             Santas go to school to edge out the competition in Santa Boom​
             Santas ho-ho-hone holiday skills in Midland
            There is an art, a science, and certainly a responsibility to occupying The Big Red                     Chair, and this is where it's learned.​

​         Photographer Ian Bates shows just what it’s like to be in a room with 130 Kris Kringles
            A Jolly Good Time at Santa Claus School

            St. Nicks learn tricks of the trade at Santa Claus School

            The Business of Being Santa
            Santa School Trains Would-Be St. Nicks in Beards, Bad Breath and 'Ho Ho Ho'
            Being Santa: 7 men share tales from behind the red suit

            Educating Santa
            Michigan Santa Claus Boot Camp Graduates it's 75th Class of St. Nick'sBoot Camp             Graduates it's 75th Class of St. Nick's
            Tom Valent inducted into the Santa Claus Hall of Fame
            Charles W. Howard Santa Claus School in Midland, Michigan​

            Person of the Week: Santa School Spreads Christmas Cheer, December 24, 2010
  • News Talk 760 WJR: Podcast
            Santa Claus School Owner Tom Valent gives Paul W. Smith some Santa Claus tips. ​

            Santa wants a swine flu shot.
  • Detroit Free Press: Video
            A very special academy in Midland, Michigan.
  • AOL Holidash: Article 
​            Where Santa Goes to Learn His Ho, Ho, Ho.

            ​Learning the ABC's of Santa Claus
  • The Lars Lawson Show: Podcast
            Tom Valent from the Santa Claus School

  • BBC News

            Bill Weir's Stint as Santa. The "GMA" Weekend anchor put on a red suit and white             beard for the holidays. 
            The School of Yule
            What's a shopper to do?​

            Studying the Art of Being Santa
  • Midland Daily News: Article
            School for Santa
  • Herald-Dispatch: Article 
            This Santa has it all.
            Santa 101

            Tom Valent: The Man in the Santa Claus Suit
  • American Profile: Article
            Instilling the Santa Spirit
  • Detroit Free Press:Article
            Schooled in Santa

​            School for Santas with Bill Geist

            The dean of the Charles W. Howard Santa Claus School in Midland, Mich., talks about             what it takes to play St. Nick.
  • Boston Globe: Article
            50 men and women attend Santa school 

            Hear This​